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For a few years, most financial institutions and entities have improved their procedures, offering faster and easier to request financial products. In this way, their customers feel more comfortable when contacting entities.

However, there are people who continue to distrust online entities in providing personal information such as bank account, identification document, invoices, etc.

In order to simplify the process of applying for a personal loan, the funders require this documentation and we tell you the reason for this:

Deliver the account number

Deliver the account number

One of the main questions that our users ask is,

Why do I have to give my bank account?

The reason is simple, online loans are characterized by being fast, that is, they ask for your bank account number to make a transfer as soon as they receive the signed contract. They usually make the entry between 15 minutes to 24 hours.

The client can receive the personal loan immediately and at the latest the next business day. It must also be said that each case will be conditioned by the type of bank where the loan is received.

Provide personal documents online

Provide personal documents online

The documents that a financier usually asks for are: DNI or NIE, payroll or proof of income and invoices . There are two reasons why funders ask you to send them this personal documentation:

  • The first, to avoid identity theft . These procedures are severe in order to guarantee high security.
  • The other reason is to verify that the data provided on the forms match the data of the applicant . For example: employment status, monthly income, address, etc.

Register on your online platform

Register on your online platform

They are all benefits! When a customer registers on the online platform when applying for a loan, it brings advantages for him.

The client has a profile created, therefore, requesting another loan will be much faster and easier, you will not have to fill in the application again. In addition, with some entities if you are already a customer you can extend the amount and the time of return. On the other hand, you will have an online user where you can see the status of your personal loan.

In summary, through online loans you can request financing reliably without leaving home. In less than 24 hours the loan can be yours!

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